Obviously AI also has an advanced analytics tab which gives you a Decision Tree graph that shows the various course of action taken to get to the outcome.

The Decision Tree consists of nodes and branches. At each node each feature/column is split based on its importance to make specific data points follow a certain course for making predictions.

A Decision Tree essentially consists of three elements.

Root Node: It is the first node or the Parent node that begins the Tree Graph. The root node is the most important feature/column that best splits the Data.
Intermediate Nodes: This represents the remaining columns or features which are important in predicting the output.
Leaf Node: This is the last/final node which contains the prediction value.

Obviously AI allows you to download the Decision Tree to your computer.

Navigate to the Advanced Analytics tab on the Prediction Report.

Finally, click on the Download button on the right to download the Decision Tree

Here Contract = Month-to-month represents the Root Node.
Monthly Charges, Online security = No, Total Charges represents the Intermediate Nodes.
Class = Yes and Class = No represents the Leaf Node, which are the predictions.

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