General Questions

What is Obviously AI?
Obviously AI is a no-code machine learning tools that lets you make predictions in just a few clicks. Just upload your data and pick a column to predict. That's it.

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Obviously AI Prediction Demo

What are the pricing plans available?
We have made our platform accessible for a wide range of audiences. Individuals and businesses can pick a plan which suits their requirements and priorities. We have priced our product at a very economical and affordable price as we want to help individuals and small to medium businesses scale to leverage the power of AI and machine learning.

We have the following plans available :

Pro Plus
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How do I contact support in case I need any help?
You can contact the support team using the following link:

Adding Data & Datastore

What are the Data Requisites?

For CSV files
Below is the checklist of pre-requisites for CSV files.
The file size is less than 25 MB.
The first row is column names.
The first column is an ID column.
File has a minimum of 1,000 rows and 5 columns.
File has very few empty cells.
File is in a .CSV format.

For Databases
Below is the checklist of pre-requisites for connecting your database.
Ensure Obviously AI's IP address is whitelisted on your firewall. This can be found under Connection Requirements when adding the dataset.
The first column in your table is an ID column.
The table has a minimum of 1,000 rows and 5 columns.
The table has very few empty cells.

How do I upload CSV files or spreadsheets ?
You can upload your CSV files using the Add Dataset option in the side bar.

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My CSV file size is huge. How can I upload it on Obviously AI?
Users can upload CSV files of up-to 25 MB using the Add Dataset option. Files greater than 25 MB should be first uploaded to Dropbox. You can then connect your Dropbox account to Obviously Ai and get started with predictions.

I am not able to upload the Data. What should I do?
The progress bar getting stuck while uploading the data is a common issue on small screens. Changing the zoom level should resolve the issue. You can also try clearing the cache.

Why are some columns unfit to be used for Prediction?
The text fields with all unique values, fields with all same values and/or fields with an high percentage of missing values are deemed to be unfit for predictions.

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What is a Data Store?
A Data Store is a collection of publicly available datasets for various sectors like marketing, retails, sports etc.

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Making Predictions

How do I make predictions?
Once you upload your Data you are all set to make predictions. Navigate to the "predictions" tab and pick a column to predict. Please refer to the support article which will help you make your first prediction using Obviously AI

What is Advanced View?
Advanced view lets you delete the columns that you feel are irrelevant while training the model. You also have the option to apply filter on the training data using the Advanced View toggle.

How do I get a list of most important features/columns in my data that were used for predictions?
The prediction report consists of a Driver's tab which lists the most important features and how they affect the outcome.

What are Personas?
Personas lets you make predictions on a single entity.Let's say you have trained a machine learning model to detect customer churn. You can then use this model to make prediction on a new customer.

Can I save/export my Predictions?
You can export your predictions directly to your Google Drive using Obviously AI.
However first you need to connect your google drive to your Obviously AI account.

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Where can I get more information about the algorithm used and the performance metrics?
You can learn more about the algorithm and the metrics on The Tech Specs tab in the Prediction Report.
Technical Specifications

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Managing Account

How do I change my Password and account credentials?
You can reset your Password using the Settings tab on the sidebar.

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Can I add my Team members so that we can collaborate and access the prediction reports?
Obviously AI allows you to add your team members as we feel team collaboration is an important element of a project.

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How do I make payments ?
You can pay for the Obviously AI subscription using your Credit/Debit cards. Click on the Settings and navigate to Payments and Billing section to add your credit/debit card.

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