CSV files are one of the widely used data formats for machine learning and data analysis. Obviously AI allows you to upload the CSV files and make predictions.

1. To add a new CSV file click on the Add Dataset option.

2. Clicking on the Add Dataset option opens a window which has the option to upload the CSV file. Select the file that you want to upload.

3. The platform requires a few data requisites to be in place. Learn more about data requisites here: http://obv.ai/data-requisites.

Input the Display name and click on Upload File in order to upload the CSV.

4. Uploading the file opens a new tab which gives the basic summary statistics of all the features/columns present in the data and determines whether the data is fit for predictions or not.

The summary tab also gives information regarding the percentage of missing values and the data type of the columns. We have also incorporated a distribution chart which can be used to visualize each feature.

5. In some cases, you may want to change the Type of the existing column. For eg, a particular column “10-05-2020” may be listed as a Text but you may want to convert it to Date format. In order to change the Type of a particular column, click on the drop-down button of that column and select the Data Type which you may want to add.

6. Obviously AI also allows you to view the distribution of the Features in the data. To do so, navigate to the file explorer and select the column from the dropdown.

Once you choose the appropriate Type for your Data click on Use for Prediction

7. Finally, choose the column that you want to predict. This column is generally referred to as the Target Variable (the variable which you want to predict using historical data).

8. You can also visualize the distribution of the Target Variable. Finally, click on Start Predicting to get the prediction report.

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