Hiring Data Scientists and ML Professional can be very expensive. Also building the machine learning and predictive analytics pipeline is extremely time-consuming as it involves a series of procedures such as data cleaning, imputation, preprocessing, normalization etc.

Obviously AI lets you build the best machine learning models and helps you get accurate predictions just in few clicks.

We have made our platform accessible for a wide range of audiences. Individuals and businesses can pick a plan which suits their requirements and priorities. We have priced our product at a very economical and affordable price as we want to help individuals and small to medium businesses scale to leverage the power of AI and machine learning.

We have the following plans available :

  • Free

  • Basic

  • Pro

  • Pro Plus


  • The free plan is built specifically for freelancers and solopreneurs.

  • The price for the free plan is 0$/month. Yes! It's Free 😁

  • A single user will have access to the platform and CSV files with up to 50K rows will be supported.


  • The basic plan could be used by startups and small teams.

  • The price for the Basic plan is $75/month.

  • A total of 3 users will have access to the platform and you can upload CSV files with up to 250K rows of data.

  • Also, you get a 3hr Data Scientist Consultation to help you with your Data requirements and Analysis.


  • The Pro plan allows up to 5 users and up to 1 Million rows of Data.

  • The Pro plan will cost $180/month.

  • The data can be uploaded as a CSV file or you can connect your databases.

  • You also get a 5 hr Data Science consultation and access to our API.

Have a huge database? Don't worry, we got you covered. Our Pro Plus plan is exactly what you are looking for!

Pro Plus

  • Pro Plus is perfect for a large team and can support 10+ Users.

  • You can upload a CSV or connect to a Database with up to 50M rows of Data.

  • You also get a dedicated data scientist and access to our API.

  • We also offer an on-premise setup and functionalities like Auto Update Predictions.

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