Once you upload the data and select a column to predict, Obviously AI will clean and normalize the data then select the best algorithm with the highest accuracy.

You will get the predictions in the form of a report which essentially consists of the following elements:

  • Drivers

  • Personas

  • Export Predictions

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Tech specs

The following image represents the prediction report format

A prediction report is a repository which will give information about the top drivers, algorithms used, the accuracy that the model achieved, the significance of the model fit, etc.

You also have the options to Rename, Delete, and Share the Prediction Report.

Renaming and Deleting Prediction Report

  1. To Rename the prediction report double-click on the Untitled Report and type the name of your choice.

  2. To Delete the report simply click on the delete button. Your report will then be deleted from the platform permanently.

Sharing the prediction Report

To share the prediction report click on the share button in the menu. This will copy a shareable link to the clipboard.

Use Command+V for Macs and Ctrl+V in case of Windows to paste the shareable link.

You are then all set to share your Prediction Report.

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