There might be some situations in which you may want to remove the columns which you don't want to include in the model training, apply additional filters on some columns/features.

Obviously AI supports the following functionalities and are available through the Advanced View tab.

To use the Advanced view functionality follow the steps listed below

  • Once you upload the data or connect to your database click on Make Prediction on the side bar.

  • Pick a column that you want to predict and click on Go.

  • This will open a pop-up window which contains the Advanced View toggle button and shows the distribution of the target variable. Click on the toggle button to access the Advanced View.

  • This will open the Advanced View tab which has the following elements.

- Identifier column

- Prediction Column

- Columns that would be use for prediction

- Columns that you want to exclude from predictions

- Filters

Removing unwanted columns from the dataset

  • Advanced View allows you to remove the columns which you feel are irrelevant and should be excluded from the data that would be used to train the machine learning model. Let's say you want to remove a column Ship_Date from the final data .To do so simply click on Ship_Date and drag to the next tab highlighted in Red.

  • This will bring Ship_Date to the list of columns that wont be used to train the model.

Adding and Removing Filters

  • Obviously AI also allows you to apply certain filters on the columns. This can be done using Add a filter option in the Advanced View.

  • Pick a column that you want apply filter on and click on Add a filter option. You can also apply filters on multiple columns. Let's say we pick a column Profit and we want to retain only those records that have a profit of more than 10. Click on Add a Filter button.

  • This will add the filter tab. To select the column Profit click on the dropdown button.

  • Type Profit in the search bar or scroll down and select the Profit column.

  • Finally choose the arithmetic operation for the filters. We currently support 3 arithmetic operations.

> : Greater than

< : Less than

= : Equal to

We want to retain only those records which have a Profit greater than 10. To do so Click on the dropdown button and select > (greater than).

  • Enter the value in the field.

  • Since we want to consider only those records for which the Profit is greater than 10, we enter 10 as the value. Finally, click on the Save button to save the filter.

  • Once you save a filter the Advanced View tab should look similar to the image below.

  • You also have the option to remove the filters. To remove a filter simply click on the Remove button. The saved filter will be deleted.

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