Our Data Store can be thought of as a central repository which can be used to store and use public data.

Obviously AI has a collection of publicly available datasets from several sectors such as Retail, Marketing, Real Estate, Gaming etc.

The Data Store is also super useful in case you are building your own dataset. It can give you more insights on the kind of features/columns that you may consider including in your dataset.

We have the following datasets in our Data Store.

  • Superstore Retail

  • Airbnb Homes

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Avocado Prices

  • FIFA Players

  • Nifty 500

  • Restaurant Data

To access the Data Store follow the steps listed below:

  • Click on the Data Store button on the side bar.

  • This will open the Data Store tab which would be used to select publicly available datasets and use it for predictions.

  • The Dataset Explorer could be used to search for datasets on the Industry, size and source. Suppose we want a dataset related to the Sports industry. To do so click on the dropdown menu under Industry and select Sports.

  • Finally click on 'Use For Prediction' to start making predictions on this Data.

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