Obviously AI also has an advanced analytics tab which gives you a Decision Tree graph that shows the various course of action taken to get to the outcome.

The Decision Tree consists of nodes and branches. At each node each feature/column is split based on its importance to make specific data points follow a certain course for making predictions.

A Decision Tree essentially consists of three elements.

  • Root Node: It is the first node or the Parent node that begins the Tree Graph. The root node is the most important feature/column that best splits the Data.

  • Intermediate Nodes: This represents the remaining columns or features which are important in predicting the output.

  • Leaf Node: This is the last/final node which contains the prediction value.

Obviously AI allows you to download the Decision Tree to your computer.

  • Navigate to the Advanced Analytics tab on the Prediction Report.

  • Finally, click on the Download button on the right to download the Decision Tree

  • Here Contract = Month-to-month represents the Root Node.

  • Monthly Charges, Online security = No, Total Charges represents the Intermediate Nodes.

  • Class = Yes and Class = No represents the Leaf Node, which are the predictions.

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