What is an API ?

API stands for Application Program Interface. An API can be considered as an intermediate element which allows two applications to communicate with each other. An API allows an application to interact with another tool. It can be thought of as a messenger that delivers the request to another applications and responds back once the request is processed.

Why use an API?

While our platform is built for business users, our APIs are built for technical users looking to setup Predictions or Analytics for their team OR use Obviously AI's powerful natural language features in their app.

With Obviously AI's API you can:

  • Export your prediction results to your internal dashboard.

  • Connect to external tools such as Zapier to automate tasks.

  • Give your users the ability to run predictions by integrating Auto-ML into your app.

  • Bring the power of natural language to your phone or web app for your users.

  • Make predictions about your users in real time and setup responses. E.g. Dynamic pricing - show your users a price they're likely to pay.

Generating API Key

You can generate your API key straight from your Obviously AI account.

To get started, you must obtain your secure API key from your Obviously AI account. Follow the steps below.

1. Ensure you are an admin

While API keys are accessible to everyone on the account, they can only be generated, updated and destroyed by account admins. So, make sure you have admin access if you are generating the API key for the first time OR request your account admin to generate one for you.

2. Navigate to your Settings page

Click the Settings page on the right hand side menu or click here.

  • In the Settings menu Navigate to the Integrations and API tab.

  • Go to API Key section.

  • Click Generate API Key button.

  • Copy the generated API key for your use.

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