Obviously AI provides support for different types of data sources. The most basic and popular being data stored in tabular format as CSV files. This article discusses how you can upload a CSV file to Obviously AI in a few simple steps and start predicting.

  • CSV files of less than 25MB size can be uploaded directly from your computer and for greater than 25MB file size (up to 1 GB) Obviously AI supports directly importing data from your Dropbox account.

  • The blue “+” icon (Add Dataset) on top left of the main (predict) page gives you the option to upload a dataset on the platform. As you click on the icon you will see all the data sources currently supported by our platform. Click on “CSV Files” for uploading your spreadsheet. Please check our article on basic data preparation requirements before uploading your dataset to the platform, to ensure your data is machine learning ready and therefore you get best possible prediction results on your data.

  • Once you click on upload, you will be given the option to either drag and drop the file or upload from your system. Then under the “Requirements” section, choose the kind of prediction you want to perform - AutoML or Time Series.

  • Check for all the requirements to be met, give a file name and then click on “Upload”.

  • Once uploaded you get to “Review” your dataset on the platform and get an “Overview” of the number of rows, columns, column names, empty%, data type of each column, etc. and make sure that your dataset is uploaded correctly. You also have the option to check the detailed distribution of each feature of your data through the “Distribution” section.

    Finally, you can either “Save and Close” your uploaded data on the platform to be used later for prediction or “Continue” with the prediction.

    Please note that, in case you have multiple CSV files to use for a particular prediction task, then you need to merge them into one CSV file and then upload it to our platform.

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