This article details how you can connect different services to Obviously AI.

Connecting to Dropbox:

Click on the “Add Dataset” (“+” icon) and choose Dropbox “Upload”

After clicking on upload, click on Choose from Dropbox

Next, you will be directed to your Dropbox account. Select the file you want to upload and click on “Choose”

Next, give your dataset a display file name and check if all the requirements are met. Then click on “Upload”

After uploading the data, you will be able to review your dataset and look into the distribution of each column. You can now start making predictions right away. You can also Save the dataset for later use. You can go to My Datasets and find your dataset to make predictions later.

Connecting to Airtable:

Click on the “Add Dataset” (“+” icon) and choose Airtable “Upload”

Next, add your airtable account details such as the Base ID, Table Name, API Key. Add a Display Name of your choice and make sure that all requirements are met

For connecting to other services, you can check our integrations page here

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