This article discusses the Sample Datasets that are provided under Data Store on Obviously AI. It is crucial to have a clean dataset that is machine learning ready to ensure accurate prediction results. This section helps customers in understanding what a machine learning ready dataset looks like and also allows them to run predictions on each dataset.

Another advantage of having this section is that sometimes users do not have any dataset or are still waiting to finish collecting data to work with but are interested in navigating through the platform. Nevertheless these sample datasets come in handy during those scenarios.

Moreover, each dataset pertains to different business use cases, such as, Employee Attrition, Lead Conversion, Loan Repayment, etc. These are important use cases in real world scenarios. We provide a total of 9 datasets here. All these datasets are publicly available, but were cleaned and made machine learning ready by our Data Science team.

  • The Preview section shows the first 25 rows and all the columns in the dataset. It shows the column names, the datatype of each column. Just below this section we show the distribution of each column/feature. On the x-axis of the graph we have the column name and on the y-axis we have the frequency of the values in that column.

  • Towards the end we have the Dataset Details such as the type of data source, total rows and columns, unfit rows and columns, etc. and Data Sources for each dataset

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