1. This article describes how you can update your machine learning model after uploading your dataset, training the model and generating a prediction report. Obviously AI allows integration with different data sources and the update feature helps you in keeping your prediction reports updated after they are generated. Updating the model (prediction report) is different for databases and csv files. The reports created for files residing in databases also have the “auto update” icon which helps automatically update the report every day/week/month

    For example, if your dataset resides in a database then after a prediction report is created, if you add new rows to your dataset, you can use the Auto update button to automatically update the prediction report.

  2. Currently, for non- database integrations we just have the update button for the prediction reports. This is helpful when the platform adds any new algorithm or model metrics that would not show up in your previous report because your report was created before the modifications were made on the platform. But once you hit that update button you will be able to get the updated results and your report will be updated to include the modifications such as the new model or the new metrics

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