1. This article details the ways you can share your trained model with others. Oftentimes, you might be the only person accessing our platform but needs to share the model with your colleagues or group members. Our platform gives two options to share your model and results - either via Web App or via API

  2. Export as Web App gives you the ability to share your trained model by using the shareable url link that we provide with just one click. Copy the link and paste it on a new browser tab or send the link to your colleagues and they can copy paste it into a web browser and get the trained model. Please make sure that you toggle from private to public by clicking on the lock icon and then copy the link and share. This will allow your team members to open the model on any browser that they are using

  3. They can now run individual predictions on the model the same way as you would within the platform. They can change individual values for the features and check the predictions. They can also upload a csv containing multiple observations/rows and get the predictions together in a file

  4. Export via API gives you the flexibility to share your trained models with others in your team. You can use the call below to get a shareable link for your machine learning predictions. You just need your API key and relevant Report ID

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