1. This article describes how to make Time series predictions via API. Once you have uploaded your time series dataset to Obviously AI and built your time series model, the prediction report is generated and you need to navigate to the Export tab there. This tab gives you the option to export your predictions and share them with your teammates. Please note that to get started with making predictions via API you just need two items - your report id and your API key

  2. The report id can be easily found on the url of your prediction report and for the API key you can navigate to the Settings tab on the platform and then click on Integration & API and then click on show to get your API key

  3. Within the export tab you will find the Export via API section. In this section, as you can see, we have already provided you with the sample code for making predictions using Python/Curl/Javascript. You also have the option to easily copy the code and use it in your desired environment and run it. It will return a JSON object containing the forecasts

    The forecast period is 10 by default but you can change it to your desired value. Also, notice that the API key and report id are already autofilled, so you can always come back to this if you need to check your report id and API key

    After you copy the code to your desired environment, this is what it looks like:

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