This article details how you can choose a particular algorithm of your choice and run the predictions again on the platform on the last section of Tech Specs tab. Once you are done uploading your desired dataset and generating a prediction report, you can navigate to the last section on the Tech Specs tab that has other machine learning models tested

The way our platform works is that we run 7 main algorithms (Holt Winters Multiplicative, Holt Winters Additive, ARIMA, SARIMA, PROPHET, XGBoost and ETS (Double Exponential Smoothing) with various hyperparameter combinations, resulting in more than 10000 models being built parallely on the backend. The best performing algorithm is chosen to be shown on the platform, but the MAPE values for the other algorithms are also shown in this section

You can simply click on the “Re-run with this model” to get the detailed results for that particular algorithm if you are interested. Once you re-run with another model, the current report will be replaced with the results of this model

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