1. This article details how you can update your current time series model once you have uploaded your dataset and created your prediction report. On the top right corner of the report you’ll find the icon for updating the model. The icons are present in every tab of the report, so you can use them whenever you want. Depending on the data source that you used to upload your data (CSV file or connecting a Database) you have different options to update your model

  2. On the screenshot here you can see the update icon on the top right corner. Since this is a csv file, you have the option to update the existing model if there is any change on the platform such as a new metric or a new algorithm is added to the platform. In that case, you simply need to click this update icon and your model will be updated to reflect the changes. You do not need to worry about uploading the dataset again and going through all the steps

  3. When we upload a dataset from a database, then we have another option added - the auto update icon

    Since a database can have multiple tables, adding a table, or adding/deleting new rows to and from existing tables, you can use the Auto update button to automatically update the model and hence the results, by setting it to daily/weekly/monthly. If you are not sure of the frequency of changes in your database tables, then you can always use the update button to update the model manually

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