What is No-Code AI?
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In today's world, no-code is a common nomenclature for any tool that takes a previously coding intensive task and makes it incredibly easy for anyone to do the same task faster, better and cheaper without the need of writing code. Some of the best examples of this include Webflow, Zapier and Bubble.

Each tool having a unique set of challenges it solves. Webflow makes website making easy without code. Zapier makes automations easy without code and Bubble makes mobile app building easy without code. Similarly, when it comes to building and using AI for everyday business use cases, Obviously AI makes AI modeling easy without code. Hence the name, No-Code AI.

As the it suggests, No-Code AI refers to the effective use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) without writing a single line of code. In a No-Code AI platform the user is only expected to upload their data and click a few buttons to get the results. Everyone from entry level business analysts to expert data scientists can can easily leverage the power of ML and AI with Obviously AI's no-code AI tool.

Traditional ML involves multiple processes starting from collecting your data, cleaning and structuring the data, training and building models to getting prediction results. The image below captures the working of a traditional ML model building

Obviously AI's no-code AI tool dramatically simplifies this process making it look something like this.

All you do is simply connect your data source, click a few buttons and everything from building, testing and deploying an AI model is taken care of by Obviously AI. Resulting in a state of the art AI model that's fully ready to use in less than 1 minute.

To see Obviously AI in action, checkout this demo video OR enroll in the No-Code AI University for free to become a certified no-code AI expert.

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