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This article explains the different areas within the start page of the Obviously AI platform when you create your account for the first time and login to the platform.

The first thing you see is that you are on the Predict page with the corresponding highlighted icon on the left vertical panel as shown below. At the top of the page you’ll see the count of the number of predictions allowed on your account. This limit value depends on the plan chosen.

The blue “+” Add Dataset icon on the left vertical panel gives you the provision to upload your dataset on the platform

Next is the My Models icon that helps you directly navigate to the page where you can see all the models that you have built so far

Next is the My Datasets icon that helps you navigate to the page where you can access all your datasets you have uploaded so far. If you haven’t uploaded any data yet, you’ll be able to access the sample datasets table from here

Next is the Sample Datasets icon, that takes you to the page where sample classification, regression and time series datasets are present by default to help you play around and understand different use cases

Next is the Support icon that helps you make requests and connect with your dedicated data scientist

Next is the Settings icon that takes you to your account details such as your team members, prediction stats and billing

The last icon is for Notifications, when we add new features or important updates on the platform

The Predict page also shows the Preview of the latest dataset that you have uploaded on your account. You can directly start creating your model from here by clicking on the Go button

It shows the latest 6 models that you have built on your account. You can click on any of them and it will direct to that particular model.

Finally, it additionally shows the recent datasets that you have uploaded on your account. Again you can click on any of them and you’ll be directed to the corresponding dataset.

The blue button on the bottom right corner is for our intercom chat support. You can directly write to us and get answers and feedback from the team immediately.

To see Obviously AI in action, checkout this demo video OR enroll in the No-Code AI University for free to become a certified no-code AI expert.

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