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To use Zapier with Obviously AI you just need to navigate to your Use Model tab of your model and click on the Login to Zapier button. Once you are inside your account you will see the homepage as below.

Every time you want to use Zapier with an app you need to click on any of the Create Zap buttons and you’ll be directed to the Trigger event page. You can give a name to your Zap here to refer back to it later.

Say you want to connect your data that is stored as a Google Sheet to make predictions on a model that you built on your Obviously AI platform, then you need to choose Google Sheets from the available apps and you’ll be directed to the trigger page for further details.

Under Trigger Event you can choose New Spreadsheet (other options available on dropdown) and then click on Continue

Next you need to choose your account which will automatically appear on the dropdown

Select your account and click on Continue

Next you need to set up your trigger, where on the dropdown you get the option to choose the folder from your drive. Choose the required folder and click on Continue

Next there will be the test trigger page, you just need to click on Test Trigger. If a spreadsheet is indeed present in your account it will choose the latest one

If that is the spreadsheet you want to use, go ahead and click on Continue

Next you’ll be directed to the Action page, where you will be able to choose the app on which you want to use your spreadsheet. Here we will search for Obviously AI and select it

Next you’ll be directed to the page where you have to choose all the model details from your Obviously AI account

Next you need to choose an event from the dropdown. For our app its either a Time series forecast or AutoML predictions that a user is interested in

Depending on what you need choose the appropriate option and click on Continue

Sign in to your Obviously AI account

Once you sign in you’ll need your Obviously AI API key to be entered. You can get your API key from the Use Model tab of any of your models that you have created on your Obviously AI account. After entering your API key click on Yes, Continue

Next your account is added to Zapier. You will see it autofilled in the Choose account field. Click on Continue then.

Next you have to Set up action by choosing the model id that you want to work with and make your predictions on. Once you start typing the model name it should already appear on the search bar, since Zapier fetches all your models that you built in your account so far

Once you choose the model, you just need to enter the values for each feature in your model and click on Continue, you can use the refresh button to put in new values

Clicking on continue asks you to Test action

You can now click on Test & Continue and your prediction is sent to your Obviously AI account. You can check the predicted right there on the screen and also always remember to turn on your Zap. Only then you’ll be able to see it on your account and also share with others

Now when you go back to your Zapier home page you’ll see that the new zap has been added

That’s it! Clicking on your Zap will take you back to the setup action page and you can perform another new prediction from there.

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